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Led Wall Washer Light


Name:80x20w rgbw 4 in 1 led city color or wall washer light
outdoor IP65
Light source: 80*20W RGBW 4IN1;

1. Product Features

The lamp beads of this product are all made of high-brightness Osram LED chip lamp beads. The lamps have uniform light output, full color, pure color mixing, high brightness, long life, low light decay, and no flickering; there are various angle lenses to choose from.

The wire is made of high temperature and antifreeze wire, which will not be dusted after a period of time.

The lamp shell is made of die-cast aluminum, which makes the whole lamp have better heat dissipation conditions and strong waterproof performance.

This light used LCD screen

2. Technical Specifications

Voltage: AC100240V, 50/60Hz;

Rated power: 1600w;

Light source: 80*20W RGBW 4IN1;

LED life: 50,000 hours

Beam angle: 25°

Control mode: National standard DMX512 signal, master-slave, self-propelled, 4/6/8CH channel mode is optional, and can be adjusted manually;

Control signal: DMX 3Pin male and female seat;

Power socket: Power Connector input/output;

Display: digital screen, 4 buttons;

Dimming effect: 16Bits 0~100% linear dimming, no glare; dimming frequency 16k/Hz;

Strobe: 1-20 times/S electronic strobe, with synchronous, asynchronous, random strobe, etc., the speed is adjustable

Powerful RDM technology can efficiently and conveniently change lamp parameters and upgrade lamp functions.

Heat dissipation system: all aluminum heat dissipation, low noise, intelligent automatic temperature adjustment system;

Material: Aluminum

Working environment: -10°C45°C;

Protection class: IP65;

Die-cast aluminum casing;

Product size: 560x450x450mm;

Net weight: 26kg/piece