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Led Wall Washer Light


Name:40X20W rgbw 4 in 1 waterproof led wall washer dmx building light
Rated power: 800w;
Light source: 40*20W RGBW 4IN1;

1. Product Features

The lamp beads of this product are all made of high-brightness OSRAM LED chip lamp beads. The lamps have uniform light output, full color, pure color mixing, high brightness, long life, low light decay, and no flicker; there are various angle lenses to choose from.

The wire is made of high temperature and antifreeze wire, which will not be dusted after a period of use.

The lamp shell is made of die-cast aluminum, which makes the whole lamp have better heat dissipation conditions and strong waterproof performance

The screen adopts LCD display

2. Technical Specifications

Voltage: AC100240V, 50/60Hz;

Rated power: 800w;

Light source: 40*20W RGBW 4IN1;

LED life: 50,000 hours

Light angle: 25°;

Control mode: international standard DMX512 signal, master-slave, self-propelled, 4/6/8CH channel mode is optional, and can be adjusted manually;

Control signal: DMX 3Pin male and female seat;

Power socket: Power Connector input/output;

Display: LCD liquid crystal display, 4 buttons;

Dimming effect: 16Bits 0~100% linear dimming, no glare; dimming frequency 16k/Hz;

Strobe: 1-20 times/S electronic strobe, with synchronous, asynchronous, random strobe, etc., the speed is adjustable

Powerful RDM technology can efficiently and conveniently change lamp parameters and upgrade lamp functions.

Heat dissipation system: All aluminum heat dissipation, low noise, intelligent automatic temperature adjustment system;

Material: Aluminum

Working environment: -10°C45°C;

Protection level: IP65;

Die-cast aluminum casing;

Net weight: 12kg

3. Characteristics of lights

Compared with traditional lamps, this product has the advantages of low power consumption, high luminous efficiency, rich color changes, long light source life, high safety performance, normal operation in a wide voltage range, and wide adaptability. The chassis is made of high-quality die-cast aluminum, with excellent workmanship, good heat dissipation, ultra-quietness, and uniform color mixing, which can meet the use standards of high-standard places.

Protection function: overvoltage, overcurrent, temperature protection automatic reset function

Various colors can be dimmed individually or mixed, the color can be adjusted and changed arbitrarily, with color flow function, adjustable speed, no color shadow, uniform dyeing, rich saturation and soft tones