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Beam Moving Head


Name:17r beam spot wash 3 in 1 350w moving head light
17r beam spot wash 3 in 1 350w moving head light
350W(17R) YODN lamp


1. Model number: FT-BM001

2. AC 100V-240V,50/60Hz

3. Certificate:CE & ROHS

4: Light Source: 350W Osram Lamp

Technical Parameters

1: 9 changeable rotating glass patterns + white 

2: 14 fixed gobo + white

3:Color Wheel: 13 Color with white, dual color effect

4:LCD display touch screen + press button, English / chinese

5: XY axis motor, ultra quiet, ultra high speed three-phase motor

6:Color temperature: 7800K, average life: 2000 hours

7:control : DMX512,Auto Mode etc

8:Channel mode: 16/24 DMX512 Channel

9:Any two kinds of prism effects and can be combined with the prism dynamic effect, which can rotate the switching effect in forward and reverse directions

10: Optical lens: high precision glued optical lens combination

11:Focusing: Linear Focusing

12: Zoom: Linear Zoom

13: Dimmer:0-100% linear dimmer.

14:Beam angle: 1.8 -15 degrees.    spot angle: 5-48 degrees.    wash angle: 7 -52 degrees

15:Strobe: two-chip strobe (0.5-9 times / sec)

16: 16pcs super silent motors, pan&tilt 3-phase step motors,16bit

17: Housing:Fire resistant alloy plastic

18: Carton Packing: 490x480x600mm

19: weight : 22Kg