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On the large party of cloth lamp skills
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Large party lighting control system security and reliability of the system configuration , has been a large-scale theatrical performances lighting design first consider the key issues . Light control system, scientific and rational allocation , directly related to the party 's technical quality and artistic quality . Therefore, the lighting division of the lighting control system selection , configuration, virtually became the competition between lighting equipment manufacturing plant and research of the important issues .

One , ready to be fine , program development to actual

TV lights as a kind of artistic creation , it is not only to put a lot of work in the early , but also runs through the creative process of recording the entire program . As a lighting designer , you must play as the basis for the director's overall concept to the principle of a particular scene as the basis for the shaping actors and scenery objects , using a variety of lamps and lighting control system for conception and creation, design set of strict implementation of the program , this program should be able to control , the performance of the party scene in the modeling , shaping the image of the scene and characters , rendering performances atmosphere , etc. for evening services. Therefore, preparations should be fine , including the following steps:

1 , with the director of communication . We must first fully understand the party director for party ideas , and lighting , stage -specific requirements. Directed overall concept is to grasp the overall situation , he should mobilize all creative people to play various professional expertise, complementary their shortcomings , and strive to improve the party . Lighting design is a very important profession, for evening , lights and into the overall vision should be among the director's overall concept , with the director to keep the evening light on the creation of their own vision to communicate and discuss. Sometimes, the lighting designer's creative vision will give the director some inspiration , so that the director general conception produces new, the original idea to make changes and additions. This mutual complementary second creation , the entire party will achieve the best results .

2 , to communicate with the graphic designer . Just as King and interdependence , embraced together to show to the audience's visual effects , television screen lighting scenes must use the visual arts in order to produce the best results, so designers must thoroughly understand the art lighting solutions , master scene materials, structure, material and light reflectivity , the location of enlargement on the scene to understand the deep, be aware , it is best to work with artists to design and develop programs .

3 , to fully understand the program content , type of program formats including songs , lyrics , and composition of the program .

4 , according to the party 's general requirements, develop practical lighting design. For each one lighting designer is concerned , when receiving party lighting design task, will be based on the party 's style and form first produced a preliminary design. Because there are certain factors that evening , so they often produce these programs with a certain hypothetical , but also according to the party of the lighting professional can put the overall budget , as well as a variety of lamps to finalize the specific allocation of lighting solutions .

Currently a popular saying " big investment , big productions that small investment Minato cooperation can not do not put ." This prompted us to make large-scale variety show and , in the development of the professional program must be realistic , otherwise it will no labor success.

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